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Ever been stumped on what activities to do with your date? I know, I’ve been stuck in rut with a couple of old boyfriends unable to find fun activities. This is where my next selection for applications that will aid you on a date comes in, it’s called  Date Smart and it gives you a huge database of great dating ideas on the go. Not only does each date idea include a description to get your imagination going, but Date Smart also uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS capabilities to help you find the perfect date location nearest you. Not a bad a little mobile splurge for $1.99 when you’ve run out of ideas and need some inspiration.


We all do it. No matter how hard we try, we are compelled to text. Some of us (like me) prefer to text our dates rather than call. With all that texting (or should I say sexting?), you might as well bypass your SMS monthly service fees by downloading Textfree Unlimited. Textfree Unlimited is an application that promises free and unlimited texts for a one-time fee of $5.99. Save money on texts so you can spend it on that next dinner date - all while texting with abandon!


One application I recommend you use on a first date is called Fake Calls. You should download it, just in case the date goes really bad and you need to get out of it politely. Simply use Fake Calls to set up just that - a fake call. You can even choose where you’d like the call to come from (your mother, Fake Steve Jobs, you name it) and what time you’d like it to occur. Purchase this call simulator for less than a dollar or test out another fake caller application for free. Any way you “call it”, this functionality will save you from suffering longer than needed on a date gone awry.

My inspiration board for tomorrow’s Mactastic Halloween costume. I promised my sister not to blog our joint costumes before tomorrow, but I’m sure you can pretty much figure out what we’ll be going as. Ha!

I keep getting these emails from Apple about the new iMac saying “Take a closer look”. I’ve been taking more than a look, I’ve been obsessing about mounting the new bright and shiny iMac on my very stark wall since it came out. I’ve decided that the new iMac may be a better choice than a flat screen television.  So I’m making the executive decision of keeping my TV boycott in place and just purchasing this lovely new iMac. You get an entire computer, plus a wireless keyboard and mouse for $1600. Online shopping on a bigger screen? Liz will just love this!

So I stayed at a haunted hotel last night


No joke, people. Here’s what went down:

As soon as I got into my hotel room at the Hollywood Roosevelt last night, I couldn’t help but be distracted by a very loud howling noise. I thought it might have been the wind, but it sounded much different than that…more like a dog or a human. And it was LOUD. So loud that I would not have been able to sleep because of it. And it would only stop for about 30 seconds before picking up again.

I finally got the front desk to switch my room, and the noise issue stopped. But later on in the night, as I was telling some friends about it, they mentioned that the hotel was one of the most haunted hotels in all of California - by Marilyn Monroe and many other dead movie stars. After doing a bit of Googling (which, by the way, I wasn’t brave enough to do until this morning), here’s what I found:

“The most famous haunted hotel in Hollywood is, without a doubt, the Hollywood Roosevelt. Today, the hotel has been refurbished and remodeled to capture the spirit of its early days but the new furnishings and decor don’t stop the stories of the old spirits from being told!

The Hollywood Roosevelt was opened in 1927 and was, from the beginning, designed to serve the new movie industry as a luxury hotel. The most prestigious movie stars of the day, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, helped to bring the hotel to life and the grand opening hosted the biggest celebrities of the day like Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, Will Rogers and Clara Bow, among others. The hotel remained popular for many years and then in 1984, underwent a restoration. Since that time, the ghosts, they say, have been putting in frequent appearances. [More]”

Howling wind or howling ghost? I may never know, but it sure makes for a much spookier Halloween season.

I had the same experience when I stayed there. Very strange.

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